About Us

Hi my name is Rachel and I am the owner and founder of Indy & Bubs. From before they were even in this world, I’ve absolutely loved shopping for my two littles Indyanna and Denver. I have always been very conscious of the products that I choose for them. From their clothing to their shampoo, I am always searching out unique pieces from high quality and special places. Out of this came the idea of creating a children’s shop to be its own special place to share this passion with the world. It was a dream of mine for many years and finally, after a lot of planning and hard work, I was able to make that dream a reality. In 2021 I opened my shop, Indy & Bubs, named after my two children, that started it all. Indy & Bubs is a place to share my favorite brands and products all in one place. And just as I have always done for my children, every single item at Indy & Bubs will always be thoughtfully sourced and carefully loved by me. Thank you so much for checking us out and being a part of this amazing journey!